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Get to Know Creative Methods, CREATIT - Implementing Creative strategies into Science Teaching

Get to Know Creative Methods

Science Cafe

Junior Science Cafes scenarios will follow the guidelines of the SciCafe Network ( They will utilize the existing experience and combine creative aspects according to the proposed pedagogical framework. In the framework of the CREATIT project Science Cafes will be organized within schools or schools theaters and the teacher and students that will organize them will attempt to incorporate creative aspects and combine science with e.g. music, art and/or theater and explore how these aspects could help science education. Through this process the teacher will be able to introduce science topics to the students with the help of an invited researcher while following the curriculum. The teachers will be trained to realize these activities within the Implementation phase of the CREATIT project.


Science Theater

Science Theater is a case study that will incorporate art elements in teaching science. There will be three goals: 1) to explore the use of metaphor in scientific and theatrical frameworks 2) to explore the evolution of role playing 3) to test a common training for future liberal art and science teachers. As part of the exploration towards the creation of a play, students will be asked to explore science topics, supported by script outlines, which will inspire them. The play?s characters, costumes, music and dance all represent potential ways of interpreting the students' inquiries. They thus engage in Possibility Thinking (PT) regarding how the creative artistic process can act as a base for deeper inquiry as well as an aesthetic medium of communication of the various hypotheses and evidence- based conclusions.



Science Opera

Science Opera case study will be similar with the Science Theater but it will include one more artistic and creative element, music. Write a Science Opera (WASO) is a creative professional development approach to music and science education in which pupils of different ages, supported by teachers, opera artists and scientists, become the creators of an educational performance. WASO integrates science education into the original method by involving scientists who lead a creative process demonstrating common impulses shared by science and the arts.