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News Archive, CREATIT - Implementing Creative strategies into Science Teaching

News Archive

Published: 15/12/2015

CREAT-IT dissemination video

CREAT-IT,  Implementing Creative Strategies into Science Teaching

A video produced by Science View with an aim to disseminate the EU funded project CREAT-IT

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Published: 21/09/2015

SkyLight - a Global Science Opera on October 3!

On October 3, at 15:00 GMT, the voices, music, and creative learning of children from 35 countries around the world will be live-streamed, durin "SkyLight  a Global Science Opera"! The event will be hosted by Ellinogermaniki Agogi, Athens, Greece.

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Published: 28/08/2015

CREAT-IT International Conference

9-10 October 2015, in Athens, Greece

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Published: 29/07/2015

Summer School in Marathonas, Greece

The CREAT-IT project realized a very successful Summer School in Marathonas, Athens, Greece in 12-17 July 2015. The Summer School has been a meeting point for science educators, scientists, artists, art educators, and policy-makers wishing to learn creative strategies in today's science teaching, with participants from 7 countries who created a performance about Light called Greece enlightening.

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Published: 27/07/2015

SkyLight - a Global Science Opera

SkyLight - a Global Science Opera is an ICT-based international creative education project within the Write a Science Opera (WASO) initiative and the EU Comenius Project CREAT-It. For the first time, children, scientists, artists, and educators in 35 countries in all the inhabited continents, will create a single creative artwork through which they will learn about a fascinating scientific theme which has changed the way in which we understand our world: Light.

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Published: 19/06/2015

CREAT-IT Newsletter #4 June 2015

In Project's Material you can find and download the fourth issue of the project's Newsletter.

In the CREAT-IT Newsletter you can read about...

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Published: 29/05/2015

CREAT-IT teams up with Lunar Mission One and World Space Week

CREAT-IT teams up with Lunar Mission One as it secures a headline partnership with World Space Week Association

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Published: 06/05/2015

Greek students "Learning Science through Theater"

''Learning Science through Theater'' was successfully completed in a brilliant weekend on 2-3 May 2015 where students presented their performances.

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Published: 05/05/2015

WASO at AP in Belgium

Tom van den Broek, Tim Acke and Luc Celis, from the AP College in Belgium, attended the CREAT-IT "WASO" summer school in Norway.

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Published: 28/04/2015

Denmark's ''Opera in the Middle'' begins Write a Science Opera activities

An interview with Pernille Elimar

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Published: 26/04/2015

WASO workshop in Rome

The first Write a Science Opera (WASO) workshop in Italy was realized at the Theatre of Villa Torlonia in Rome, on March 5th, 2015. 

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Published: 22/04/2015

Visit of Dr. Giedre Straksiene to Norway

Dr. Giedrė Strakšienė, a researcher in Communication between Art and Science at Klaipeda University in Lithuania,

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Published: 26/02/2015

WASO training seminar at Tau School

On February 25th, 2015, the CREAT-IT project realized a Write a Science Opera (WASO) training seminar for 27 teachers at Tau School, in the Strand municipality in Southern Norway.

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Published: 29/01/2015

Learning Science through Theater!

Pupils stage a play and learn science in a creative way! Science View organises the Learning Science through Theater project in Greece, which is based on the pedagogical framework developed by CREAT-IT, which also supports the activity.

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Published: 28/01/2015

CREAT-IT Summer School - Introducing the Creative Science Classroom

The CREAT-IT Summer School in Athens, Greece will be a meeting point for science educators, scientists, artists, art educators, and policy-makers wishing to learn creative strategies in today's science teaching.

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Published: 31/12/2014

WASO training in Northern Norway

CREAT-IT -Write a Science Opera (WASO) training took place in Northern Norway in December, 2014.

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Published: 30/12/2014

Workshops by the University of Exeter

Two workshops were conducted at The University of Winchester and The University of Exeter in November and December 2014. The workshops explored engaging performance strategies to the teaching of science-related subjects.

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Published: 23/12/2014

Trainings and workshops by FormaScienza

Science Theatre and gender issues, Science Theatre in natural and archeological park of the Tuscia, - CREAT-IT at SiS-RRI Conference, CREAT-IT at SiS-RRI Conference and Junior Science Cafè and Modern Physics.

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Published: 12/12/2014

Can science be fun? Creativity in Science Communication

Can science be fun? How can we communicate, inform or teach scientific topics in a modern, attractive and understandable way? What tools and methods can help us achieve this?

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Published: 23/10/2014

The "Math Cat" by 3rd graders at Sagvåg School

3rd graders at Sagvåg School (Stord, Norway) are currently working on a WASO Project inspired by the multiplication table. The opera's name is "Reknekatten" (English: The Math Cat).

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Published: 28/09/2014

Write a Science Opera (WASO) workshop in Glasgow

The next Write a Science Opera (WASO) workshop will take place on October 18th at the Scottish Opera in Glasgow during the European Network for Opera & Dance Education (RESEO) conference "ALL ABOARD" .

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Published: 25/09/2014

Learning Science through Theater

Pupils stage a play and learn science in a creative way, in a Greek project that is based on the pedagogical framework developed by CREAT-IT! After successfully bringing together the "Student Parliament on Science", Science View is organizing a new, innovative project titled ?Learning Science through Theater?, in collaboration with the School of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

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Published: 03/09/2014

WASO summercourse completed

The first Write a Science Opera (WASO) Summer School took place at Stord, Norway in August, 2014. During the Summer School, participants (musicians, scientists, educators, drama professionals, scenographers and more) from 7 countries created an original Science Opera. The opera, ?Scarlet?s Choice?, was inspired by technological and ethical questions in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Human Brain.

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Published: 26/08/2014

The passing away of Professor Anna Craft

The CREAT-IT team sadly announces the passing away of our colleague Professor Anna Craft, of the University of Exeter (UK).

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Published: 26/08/2014

First CREAT-IT training course

On September 16th, 2014, the first CREAT-IT training seminar will take place at the University of Bergen in Norway.

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Published: 21/05/2014

CREAT-IT in the NDSTE2014 Conference

The 1st International Conference on New Developments in Science and Technology Education will be held in Corfu Island, Greece, from Thursday, May 29th, to Saturday, May 31st, 2014.


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Published: 16/04/2014

WRITE A SCIENCE OPERA (WASO) ? The Training Course

The EU Comenius Multilateral project CREAT-IT is proud to anounce the first Write a Science Opera (WASO) training course for teachers this summer, in Norway from August 3rd to August 9th, at  Stord Haugesund University College (campus Stord).



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Published: 07/04/2014


Science contests have proven their efficacy in motivating teachers to adopt a scientific methodology that helps them expand the limitations of classroom instruction. Moreover, provoking students' curiosity may also be achieved prior to engaging them in certain activities by involving them in science contests. Among other awards, some of the winners will have the chance to participate in some of the project's main events (summer schools, conferences) with their expenses covered by the project. During the next months a list of national and international contests organized by the consortium will be presented here.

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Published: 02/03/2014

CREAT-IT Summer School

CREAT-IT summer school will be held in Athens, 13-18 of July 2014 as part of the Open Discovery Space Summer Academy.



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