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WRITE A SCIENCE OPERA (WASO) ? The Training Course, CREATIT - Implementing Creative strategies into Science Teaching

WRITE A SCIENCE OPERA (WASO) ? The Training Course

Published: 16/04/2014

Write a Science Opera (WASO) is a creative professional development approach to creative, inquiry-based science education informed by the arts, in which participants gain first-hand experience creating original educational performances directly related to and inspired by the science curriculum for students, with the aim of fostering creative science teaching and learning and generating depth of understanding of science and the potential of creative science. It will use a pedagogical framework for creative science education developed by the CREAT-IT consortium and informed by work undertaken at University of Exeter in England. The focus of this summer's training will be on the science curriculum of pupils aged 10-14.

WASO is an application of the widespread Write an Opera method, which has been successfully implemented in many countries. The course is designed first and foremost for science teachers in late primary/early secondary schools.


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