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Workshops by the University of Exeter, CREATIT - Implementing Creative strategies into Science Teaching

Workshops by the University of Exeter

Published: 30/12/2014



Two workshops were conducted at The University of Winchester and The University of Exeter in November and December 2014. The workshops explored engaging performance strategies to the teaching of science-related subjects. Combining theatre and improvisation games, as well as a range of creative activities, participants were invited to discover new pedagogical tools and adapt these to their own practice.

Working with approximately 50 student teachers from two Universities, the workshop began with a presentation of the CREAT-IT method. This was followed by a practical session actively exploring theatre and performance tools (including role-play, rhythm and music games, singing and movement). The participants then applied these tools to a science topic, e.g, Animals including Humans, Plants, States of Matter, Sound, Light etc and created their own starter activity. A discussion concluded the session and the participants reflected on the pedagogical possibilities offered by this approach. Workshop Leader: Dr. Jacek Ludwig, Scarso London Metropolitan University and Chiara D'Anna, from Elastic Theatre

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