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Trainings and workshops by FormaScienza, CREATIT - Implementing Creative strategies into Science Teaching

Trainings and workshops by FormaScienza

Published: 23/12/2014

- Science Theatre and gender issues


On 18, 19 and 20 September 2014 FormaScienza has organized in Rome the CREAT-IT workshop dedicated to the teachers who were winners of the national award for schools "Sulle vie della parità" (On the street of parity) edition 2013-2014. The participants have been trained to the science-theatre methods elaborated by FormaScienza for addressing issues of science and gender. The participants have experienced a scientific inquiry-based learning and then they have created a story linking this experience to the story of the physicist Laura Bassi, the first women of the history who has taught at the University. The storytelling was performed in the garden of Rome named after Laura Bassi.


- Science Theatre in natural and archeological park of the Tuscia

On the September 27, 2014, a CREAT-IT workshop was organized by FormaScienza in cooperation with Ecomuseum of Tuscia Rupestre in the event "GreenCity Viterbo". During the workshop the participants have elaborated a science-storytelling scenario in the natural and archaeological (Etruscan) park in the territory of the "Tuscia".


- CREAT-IT at SiS-RRI Conference, CREAT-IT at SiS-RRI Conference

formascienca_WS_SiS-RRI-03_workingroupWhat is "creative thinking" in sciences? Is this thinking different from the one that supports the creative processes in other disciplines? Can it be taught? These are the issues addressed during the Science Theatre workshop which took place November 21, 2014, in Rome, during the international conference SiS-RRI. The workshop, led by Cinzia Belmonte, astronomer and science pedagogist and Giovanna Conforto, storyteller and drama teacher, saw the participation of 30, among teachers, artists, researchers and experts in education and science communication, from different Italian cities and several European countries.


- Junior Science Cafè and Modern Physics

Junior Science Café has been proposed as a inquiry-based method to tackle themes of modern physics. A training of 7 meetings has started on the 18th November as part of the cycle of teacher trainings "Inquiry-Based Modern Physics", a collaboration between FormaScienza, the National Institute of Nuclear Physics and the Sapienza University of Rome. Participants, who are teachers, will carry a Junior Science Café on the subject of modern physics in their classrooms. The final events are planned at the end of May 2015.

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