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Learning Science through Theater!, CREATIT - Implementing Creative strategies into Science Teaching

Learning Science through Theater!

Published: 29/01/2015

Science View organises the Learning Science through Theater project in Greece, which is based on the pedagogical framework developed by CREAT-IT, which also supports the activity.

High School pupils (aged 11-18) are invited to dramatize science concepts and knowledge stemming from the school curriculum. At the moment the project is aimed at schools of Attica. Pupils will dramatize what they learn in class, through a flexible script called "Parallel Worlds", which includes five units/acts concerning the fields of Biology, Astronomy and Physics. Pupils will be organized in work groups (scriptwriters, actors, musicians, dancers, video producers, set and costume designers) that will be offered professional support. At least one teacher per school will be responsible for organizing the activities.

Teachers can make these activities part of the curriculum of the respective lessons (Physics, Astronomy, Music, biology, Art) as projects or introduce them to the school societies (drama, music etc.). The first supporting workshop for teachers was successfully realized on Saturday, November 22 with the participation of 15 teachers who will be part of the action.

Current participation includes 200 pupils from 40 schools of Attica, both public and private. Workgroups have already started rehearsals with professional support (photo).

Pupils will stage the play in April 2015 in Athens and there will be a panel of professionals (academics, science teachers, directors, actors, musicians). Pupils chosen based on their performance will be asked to prepare for and participate in another performance that will include all the acts and will take place in Athens in July 2015 and will be open to the public.

Those pupils will give another performance for the International Conference of the CREAT-IT European project in October 2015 for conference participants as well as the public. Finally, 3-4 pupils will be chosen to take part in the international conference

«Science & You» that will take place in Nancy, France, 1-6 June 2015. There they will present an excerpt of the play.

Supporting workshop

Science View realized the first supporting workshop for the Learning Science through Theater on Saturday, November 22 with the participation of 15 teachers who will be organizing the play in their schools.

Project organizers

- Science View (Greek Association of Science Journalists, Science Writers and Science communicators) Programme coordinator:  Menelaos Sotiriou, Science View Secretary General (

- School of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Scientific coordinator: Zaharoula Smirnaiou, Assistant Professor (

The project is under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Education.

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